Tattoo Armour protects the tattoo against bacteria, germs, UV light and dirt, which could have a negative effect on the new tattoo, and is still breathable. Tattoo Armour is a CE-certified Class 1 medical protective pad that gives you a simple but effective way to take care of your new tattoo. Available in sizes M (25x33cm) and L (32x40cm).

DIRECTIONS: Application note: First clean the fresh tattoo carefully, then cream with an  after care lotion, then remove the first pad at home, clean the tattoo with water and soap, pat it dry, apply  tattoo after care and repeat the procedure every 4-6 hours. After using the pads, apply for about 10 days, as usual, 2-3 times a day thin tattoo after care, so that the tattoo does not dry out.

For studios: Just use one pack per customer, put on the first pad from the pack immediately after the tattoo and give the remaining pads to your customer's for care at home.